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ACB Stategy 2021-2022

The African Constituency Bureau (Bureau) brings together the two African Constituencies represented at the Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Global Fund). The two constituencies represent 47 African Countries that are recipients of Global Fund support for HIV,TB and Malaria control. The Bureau facilitates collaboration across the two constituencies and ensures that Africa’s voice is enhanced to influence Global Health policy decisions. The Bureau facilitates effective engagement, representation and participation of the two constituencies in Global Fund processes as well as enhancing their capacity to shape Global Fund policies and processes.

The Bureau offers new thinking and new approaches to address some of the most intractable health policy and health systems issues in Africa. The Bureau works to provide leaders in health in Africa with policy and strategy options to ensure Global Health policies and processes are responsive to Africa needs. Our focus is on tackling health policy challenges that are preventing Africa from ending the epidemics. Most importantly, the Bureau provides the 46-member countries and the respective constituency delegations with access to top-notch technical support in analyzing and identifying solutions to critical global and regional issues around resilient and sustainable systems for health Discussions on the establishment of the African Constituency Bureau (ACB) date as far back as the year 2012 when the two major Global Fund (GF) constituencies – Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) and West and Central Africa (WCA) – came together and developed the governance framework paper detailing how they were to operate and govern themselves.

The framework provided for the establishment of the African Constituency Bureau for the Global Fund so that it could serve as a technical resource center for these two constituencies. The (ACB) was thus officially launched in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on the 6th of May 2017. The formation of the Bureau is in firm recognition of the opportunities the Global Fund (GF) and its mechanisms has continued to provide to the African continent to save millions of lives. Although the GF is participatory in its operations, the African voices were not adequately heard in global health discussions.

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