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Best Practices : Engaging Stakeholders for Health Transformation in Benin


This initiative in Benin focuses on the active involvement of a wide range of stakeholders, including civil society players, NGOs/associations, disease programs, technical and financial partners, various ministries, the private sector, and key/vulnerable populations. The goal is to develop the 2024-2030 Integrated National Strategic Plan to combat HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, viral hepatitis, and other epidemic-prone diseases. However, challenges such as economic and socio-cultural constraints, lack of education, and health-harming practices hinder progress. To overcome these obstacles, strong political commitment, leadership, collaboration across sectors, and optimized governance are essential. The methodology involves national health conferences, stakeholder needs assessment, and implementation of recommendations. Lessons learned emphasize the importance of stakeholder involvement in developing innovative interventions and strengthening healthcare systems. Recommendations include engaging all interested parties in the fight against diseases for a more effective response strategy.

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