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Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) Policy Research

Context to Research

Strengthening the Health Management Information System (HMIS) is a strategic investment for Africa and is well acknowledged in the Catalytic Framework for Ending HIV, TB and Malaria (HTM) by 2030 (African Union, 2016). A HMIS is a data collection system specifically designed for routine collection and management of facility-based data on health care service delivery to support planning, management, and decision (MEASURE Evaluation, 2019). It is one of the six core building blocks of the health system based on the WHO framework on health systems. It provides data needed for other health system components such as service delivery, health workforce, access to essential medicines, financing, and leadership.

The Global Fund to fight HIV, TB, and malaria has invested in data systems in many African countries as a Resilient and Sustainable Systems for Health component (RSSH). Such RSSH investments should be cross-cutting, i.e., support various disease programs, including HIV, TB and malaria. Many other donors invest in vertical systems for “their” diseases, leading to various data systems that are uncoordinated and fragmented.

This policy brief discusses the HMIS in African countries and makes recommendations to futher advance HTM goals.

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